What do you do when it happens in the middle of the night?

This course focuses on low-light / night encounters. It will include the use of flashlights & weapon lights, visual capabilities and perceptions, equipment and practical scenarios. This course will be shot on stationary targets and also in a shoot house. Most shootings happen in low light conditions! In our Low Light Pistol Class, we discuss the pro’s and con’s of the hand-held light and the weapon light mounted light. Then, we discuss the specific shooting positions & methods for both light options. After covering the different techniques, we discuss light control or light discipline. It’s important to use the light to your advantage, and not make it a disadvantage. Then, we work through the different holds and practice the different techniques with a variety of drills.

Prerequisite for the Low Light Seminar is IFP Tactical Defensive Handgun I & II or the equivalent.

  • Required Gear:

  • Quality strong side holster (Nylon one size fits none will not be allowed)

  • 3 mags (Minimum)

  • Quality mag pouch

  • Weapon Light (optional but strongly suggested)

  • 250 rounds

  • Eye protection

  • Ear protection

  • Concealment garment

  • Length: 4-5 hours

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